The school for good and evil--Is it possible to tell good and evil by beauty and ugliness?

2023-01-18 English


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If you are in an enchanted school in fairy tales, will you become a good hero, or will you become an evil villain?


  • Sophie and Agatha are from a village called Gavalton. One day a giant bird grabs Sophie and Agatha, brings them to an enchanted school called the School for Good and Evil.
  • The giant bird drops Agatha to the School for Good, and Sophie to the School for Evil. But Sophie wants to go to the School for Good, while Agatha wants to go home.
  • They believe that winning a prince’s kiss for Sophie can help them achieve their goals. They make their efforts and fail.
  • Agatha shows many acts of kindness, and Sophie becomes more and more evil. The prince finds out Sophie’s evilness and leaves her. Sophie blames Agatha and the two girls break up.
  • The School Master is behind all of these. Long time ago, an evil younger brother kills his kind elder brother, and becomes the School Master with his brother’s name. He plans for years and wants to use Sophie to destroy everything.
  • Sophie and Agatha defeat the School Master and save the whole school. They restore their friendship and go home together.

Dresses and pants

The Dean of School for Good wears gorgeous dresses, has elegant hairstyle, while the Dean of School for Evil wears shirts and pants, has fluffy short hair.

Their appearances are so typical, princesses wear dresses, and witches wear pants.

There is an opinion that if you have short hair, wear pants and don’t wear make-up, you want to be a man.

If you want to be treated like a man, you are discontented, you want more than you deserve, you are a “radical feminist”.


To make up or not to make up

When Agatha entered the School for Good, the first thing she learned was to wear beautiful dresses, the first class she took was to teach her how to make up and smile.

As soon as Sophie entered the School for Evil, she was forced to dress like a witch in black, the first class for her is to gain freedom and power through uglification.

During the classes in the School for Good, if you cannot get invited by a prince, you fail. And if you fail 3 times, you get turned into something else, like a kettle or a fish, and you will never be freed.

Everyone here is working hard on make-up, on smiling, on beautification, because Beauty is power. But if you think more about it, isn’t it because they fear they might be punished for not being beautiful?

They keep saying this quote, but silently remind each other that there is a consequence for not being beautiful. They repeat this process until this becomes their own need.

The uglification class seemed ridiculous, but the teacher said something worth thinking.

He said that ugliness gives you freedom, because when you’re ugly, it forces you to use your brain.

This reminds me of a hot topic: beauty service(as in labor service). Is it free for women to not be beautiful? And those women who fulfilled the requirements for beauty, in whose eyes do they want to be seen as beautiful?

You got a prince, now what?

The prince already had a girlfriend, he then got attracted to Agatha, but was pulled away for sometime because of Sophie’s tricks, in the end he still wanted to be with Agatha.

I really don’t know what to say.

The prince’s kiss had no use, even his sword did not work very much. Comparing to him, the two girls helped each other and the kiss and the sword worked on them.

They didn’t need a prince from the very beginning.

What if good is actually not good?

The School for Good seemingly had been winning for 100 years in a row, as planned by the School Master. He raised impossible standards for students in the name of Good, and destroyed those who cannot meet the standards.

According to himself, he also rewarded students for burning old ladies in ovens, making mermaids cut out their tongues, forcing women to dance in hot iron shoes(like high heels?).

If bad things happen under the name of good, you start to doubt what is good.

Let’s take a look back at the classes in School for Good. You must wear dresses, you must wear make-up, you must wear a smile. Is it really required for being Good?

Don’t be a slave to beauty

Other than beauty, there are tons of things to pursue. Don’t let beauty blind your eyes and stop seeing other good things in life.

You can pursue a degree, a career, a hobby, or whatever you like. The world is so big, go check it out!

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