Cover Project

Replicated Windows Minesweeper Game

Featured Projects

Image size checker for eBay

A checker that can load pictures from picture URLs and check if they fulfill eBay requirements

Excel Manipulator

A tool for simplifying excel operation you can concatenate cells as you want

Markdown editor

A Markdown editor with preview and in-line style adjustment function

Random Quote Machine

An application that can generate random quotes from Criminal Minds Season 3 quotes and can change color for each quote generated

Pomodoro Clock

A timer that can set time slot for work and break

Resume Generator

A webpage resume where all elements are editable and can be saved as PDF

Other Projects

Product Landing Page

A product landing page with different sections

Technical Documentation Page

A documentation page with some commonly seen shapes and their CSS codes

Twich TV live mobile UI

A static UI that has search function and can display users with status

Xiaomi Clock UI

A clock with special pointers

Wikipedia Search Viewer

A search box that uses Wikipedia API

JavaScript Calculator

A calculator that can do basic calculations