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2021-04-06 English


Nuxt.js breadcrumbs

I made a Chinese/ English Breadcrumbs component for my Nuxt website, the key point is to use a preset mapping rule. Also I learned about the communication between sibling components, it's worth my time.


(This is a translation of my original article 如何制作中英双语的面包屑导航)

Some time ago I noticed that some websites have this "Breadcrumb Navigation", I searched for relevant data and decided that my website needs to have one too.

At first I only made an English version that splits page paths and generate breadcrumb elements that have the same name as their path. Then I read an article about how the author set up his breadcrumb navigation, he was using WordPress, but the idea is just as useful to me, so I started to create this biligual breadcrumb component.

HTML Template

The HTML part is super simple, just like this:

<div class="breadcrumbs"> 
  <span v-for="(path, pathIndex) in paths" :key="pathIndex"> 
    <a v-if="pathIndex < paths.length-1" :href="path.href"> 
    <span v-else> 
    <span v-if="pathIndex < paths.length-1">/</span> 

JavaScript Part

Then here comes the important part, to retrieve page paths and render to Breadcrumbs component.

And the key point is to set a rule that can map path links and their Chinese/English names based on website structure in advance, then use the language state stored in Vuex store to switch between the two languages.

At first I added a single yml file that contains all UI texts, including the Chinese/English mapping rules, in content folder, so that the website can retrieve texts using content module, and I can manage all UI texts in one place, without having to go to specific component/layout/page file to modify.

Then I found that you cannot load data using asyncData method in a component, you have to wait until Vue instance is created before you load data from content module. But in this way, the breadcrumbs navigation will appear about 0.5 second later than the main content. It really seems not good.

So I have to hardcode the mapping rule in the component, if I want to add more path names and links, I have to go to this Breadcrumbs component and modify directly in it.

The result is as follows:

export default {
    var that = this;
    var map_en = {
      "/": "Home",
      "/resume": "Resume",
      "/portfolio": "Portfolio",
      "/blog": "Blog",
      "/blog/tag": "Tag",
      "/blog/language": "Language",
      "/store": "Store"
    var map_zh = {
      "/": "首页",
      "/resume": "简历",
      "/portfolio": "作品集",
      "/blog": "博客",
      "/blog/tag": "标签",
      "/blog/language": "语言",
      "/store": "网店"
    var paths = that.$route.path.split("/");
    var paths_en = [];
    var paths_zh = [];
    var tempPath = "";
    for (let i = 0; i < paths.length; i++) {
      if (i == 0) {
        tempPath = "/";
      } else if (i == 1) {
        tempPath = "/" + paths[i];
      } else {
        tempPath += "/" + paths[i];
      let obj_en = {
        href: tempPath,
        text: map_en[tempPath]?map_en[tempPath]:decodeURI(paths[i]),
        isMapped: !!map_en[tempPath]
      let obj_zh = {
        href: tempPath,
        text: map_zh[tempPath]?map_zh[tempPath]:decodeURI(paths[i]),
        isMapped: !!map_zh[tempPath]
  computed: {
    thisPage() {
      return this.$store.state.lang.val=="Chi"?"本页":"This page";
    paths() {
      return this.$store.state.lang.val=="Chi"?this.paths_zh:this.paths_en;

With the hardcode mapping rule ready, the breadcumbs are now displayed instantly, I feel OK about it. However, it still cannot render page title for dynamic routes, and I don't think adding mapping rule for all dynamic routes is a good idea.

Communication between sibling components(Retrieve page title dynamically)

If I'm going to retrieve page titles that are generated dynamically, I will need to retrieve data passed from same level components. I researched some time for solution and found a way for Nuxt: the EventBus.

Register EventBus in plugins

First register an EventBus plugin called bus.js in plugins/ folder.

The bus.js

import Vue from 'vue';

export default (ctx, inject) => {
  const bus = new Vue;
  inject('bus', bus);

Use this plugin in nuxt.config.js

plugins: [

This is the right way to register an EventBus in Nuxt, original reference is

Pass data from dynamic pages

eg: blog/_slug.vue

created: function() {

Retrieve data in Breadcrumbs component

The page component is as same level as Breadcrumbs component under the same layout file, so they are able to communicate.

In component file Breadcrumbs.vue, add a new data item, modify thisPage under computed, then add event handling for relevant event name after Vue instance is created.

data() {
  return {
    title: ""
computed: {
  thisPage() {
    return this.title?this.title
    :"This page";
created: function() {
  var that = this;
  this.$bus.$on('pushTitle', (title) => {
    if (title.length>80) {
      that.title = title.substring(0,80)+"...";
    } else {
      that.title = title;

Then the Breadcrumbs component is able to retrieve page titles from dynamic pages, there might be a delay for less than a second, which does not affect performance very much.


The reason that I learned about this so late is because I did not have such requirements for myself before.

I only code when I want to, so maybe it will take more time for me to go on a professional way.

That's all for this article.

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