Limitations of latest version Nuxt in 2021

2021-02-08 English


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After updating to Nuxt 2.14.12, I encountered 3 problems, making the developing process a little difficult for me.

Update Nuxt and use of content module

In order to try out Nuxt module content, I updated Nuxt to latest version 2.14.12, but later I found out later that I could have used content without updating Nuxt.

Here is the official introduction of content module.

I changed all template files inside pages/ folder from my self-built api to using content module, optimized some nested callbacks to more clean and simplified formats.

Now the content module can parse not only .md files, but also .txt, .csv and .yml files, way more powerful than my own api.

With content module, I'm more than content with it.

Issues with Nuxt new version

Although content module is very powerful, the latest Nuxt became less powerful than it was before. Here are 3 problems that I found:

  1. The new version Nuxt will generate payload for static pages, but it also did url encoding with the paths for storing payload, if the path contains non-English characters, the generated static webpage will not be able to access the payload generated specifically for this page, for they payload path needs to be url encoded again before it can be accessed.
  2. Nuxt cannot render page slug or tag ending with .js, one of the Nuxt team member said that they did fallback for this, the only thing I need to do is to set it right in nuxt.config.js. After the setting, the pages can be rendered in Dev mode, but when static files are generated, these paths are nowhere to be found.(Later I found that this is not related to new version)
  3. The latest version of Nuxt has a built-in crawler that can crawl dynamic routes so that I don't have to list out every dynamic routes for generate. Here comes the problem, the crawler somehow ignores paths ending with .js, this leads to the absence of certain pages, I have to specify these routes in nuxt.config.js so that they can be generated. Also if I referenced a non-existent internal path in some pages, this crawler will not verify its validity, Nuxt will still try to generate this page, resulting in an error. In a word, pages that need to be generated got ignored, while pages that do not need to be generated are being generated.

Experience from this

Web application frameworks cannot be done within one night, I understand this. But the problems that did not exist in old version appear in the new one, I cannot say that I don't feel a little frustrated.

I really hope Nuxt can be more and more powerful, empowering amateur programmers like me along the way.

2021-03-13 update

Lates Nuxt version v2.15.2 has used right paths to store payloads for paths that contains non-English characters, but somehow those pages still cannot read payload properly, the data in those pages are empty.

2021-03-29 update

I have rolled back my website to use Nuxt v2.12.2 but kept the Nuxt content module, and specified all dynamic routes in generate again, the crawler feature in new version is no use to me. Now my website is back to normal.

I really cannot upgrade Nuxt from now on.

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