Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms, full story

2023-09-25 English


Fengshen trilogy

A new adaption of the novel The Investiture of the Gods, read the part one full story here.

The rise of King Zhou

At the end of the Shang Dynasty, King Zhou had not yet succeeded to the throne. At this time, he was only the second prince of the old King of Shang. His name was Yin Shou. The future King Wu of Zhou, Ji Fa, was the hostage sent to Zhaoge by his father Ji Chang, the Duke of the West. He was good friends with Yin Shou's son Yin Jiao.

Su Hu, the Duke of Jizhou rebelled. Yin Shou forced Su Quanxiao, a hostage from Jizhou, to commit suicide under the city of Jizhou. Yin Shou personally led a team to invade Jizhou City and killed Su Hu.

Yin Shou was injured while fighting Su Hu, and his blood dripped into Xuanyuan's tomb where the fox demon was sealed, freeing the fox demon. Su Daji, Su Hu's daughter, killed herself with a hairpin, but was possessed by the fox demon and captured by Yin Shou. The fox demon came to repay Yin Shou for breaking the seal. She tasted ambition from Yin Shou's blood and tempted Yin Shou by saying that she could help him become the king of all realms.

So Yin Shou arranged for the fox demon to take the body of his elder brother, kill the old King of Shang, and was "accidentally" killed by Ji Fa. Now the throne was secure.

The Great Curse

During the enthronement ceremony, the weather suddenly changed. Bigan, the chief minister, said that it was caused by the tragedy of the royal family, and that Yin Shou needed to burn himself to sacrifice to heaven to calm it down.

Yin Shou's son Yin Jiao said on the spot: "Please pass the throne to me, father. I am willing to burn myself to worship heaven on my father's behalf." Unfortunately, Yin Shou only listened to half of his words. He felt that his only son wanted to usurp the throne.

Yin Shou rejected Yin Jiao and said that he would set himself on fire when the sacrificial pyre was built, which moved Yin Jiao and Ji Fa beyond measure.

In order to complete the sacrifice to heaven without dying, Yin Shou searched for treasures everywhere. Shen Gongbao and Jiang Ziya both came to offer treasures. Jiang Ziya saw Yin Shou's cruelty, so he took back the Fengshen Bang, and escaped with Yang Jian and Nezha.

Yin Jiao and Ji Fa were ordered to catch up. Jiang Ziya saw that Yin Jiao was a good boy and wanted the prince to be promoted as soon as possible.

The tragedies of four Dukes and their sons

The four Dukes from the East, West, South and North came to congratulate the new king on his enthronement. They met Jiang Ziya on the way and they discussed the matter of rebellion. The Duke of the East was Yin Shou's brother-in-law and did not agree with the rebellion, but his opinion was not important. The four Dukes were captured by Ji Fa and other guards.

Yin Shou forced the sons of four Dukes to kill their fathers. The son of the Duke of the North was the first to stab his father to death; The son of the Duke of the South turned around and tried to stab Yin Shou, but both father and son were killed; The Duke of the East stepped forward to save his son and bumped into his son's sword voluntarily.

In fear, Ji Fa asked Yin Shou to allow his father, the Duke of the West, to publicly apologize, and Yin Shou agreed with a sinister look on his face.

The deaths of two princes

Ji Fa's brother, Bo Yikao, the eldest son of Xiqi, came to Zhaoge. In the barracks, he helped Ji Fa beat the the new Duke of the North, Chong Yingbiao, and brought him two snow dragon horses from his hometown.

Yin Shou accepted the gifts brought by Bo Yikao and asked him to play chi at the banquet he and Daji held, but he still refused to let Ji Chang go. Finally, Bo Yikao proposed that he could die in his father's stead.

Then Bo Yikao was made into meat cakes, and Yin Shou personally gave them to Ji Chang to eat.

The fox demon killed Queen Jiang, and Yin Jiao tried to avenge his mother but failed to kill the fox demon and injured Yin Shou, so he had to escape.

Yin Jiao hid in the ancestral temple. He thought that Yin Shou was bewitched by the fox demon, but Jiang Ziya said that Yin Shou's nature was like this, so Bigan suggested that tye ask Yin Shou to bring the fox demon to the ancestral temple and verify her identity.

In order to make the fox demon reveal herself, Bigan sacrificed his heart and offered it to Daji. As expected, Daji revealed her true form after eating it. However, Yin Shou did not kill the fox demon, but instead cursed his ancestors.

When Yin Jiao saw Yin Shou's true face, he was heartbroken and wanted to kill himself, but was stopped by Ji Fa.

Yin Shou ordered Yin Jiao to be killed tomorrow, and asked Ji Fa to kill his father again.

The lone wanderer came home

Ji Fa arranged for Ji Chang to ride a snow dragon horse home, and pretended to have killed his father. In fact, he secretly led people to rob the execution ground to save Yin Jiao, but unexpectedly Chong Yingbiao raised the sword he took from Yin Jiao and chopped off Yin Jiao's head.

Ji Fa, who witnessed the tragic death of his friend, had no respect for Yin Shou anymore. After a hard fight, he pushed Yin Shou down the tower and shot Chong Yingbiao to death with an arrow.

Jiang Ziya arranged for Yang Jian and Nezha to take Yin Jiao's body back to Kunlun Mountain. Ji Fa took Jiang Ziya to escape on another snow dragon horse, and encountered two Taotie stone beasts sent by Shen Gongbao.

Ji Fa, one man and one horse, lured Taotie away, and together they fell into the Yellow River. Ji Fa and the horse were exhausted after being washed ashore. The snow dragon horse picked up the little master and took him home just as the little master's brother had trained him before his death.

When the morning sun rose, the white horse finally took Ji Fa into the wheat field in Xiqi. Ji Fa ignored the blood stains all over his body, he puffed up his chest and straightened his back in the golden sunshine, and ran towards home.

When the people of Xiqi saw the white horse, they rushed to tell each other happily: "The young master is back!"

Ji Fa, who lost his monarch, friend, brother, and nemesis, finally returned home, and the movie(part I) ended.

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