Deprived of rights, starting with her name

2020-07-12 English


Feminism Harry Potter

J.K.Rowling was criticized by a bunch of people who have gained a lot from her works because she allegedly hurt the feelings of transgender women, but is she really that evil to deserve this?

    This is a translation of my original article 女性失权,从名字始——罗琳事件有感

    Today I am an "angry person who is menstruating", and I am going to share my anger here.

    When I learned that some people don't get mad when hearing the term "people who menstruate", I was really surprised by that.

    It doesn't matter if you come from a poor family but have great achievements, or you come from a rich family but you work hard, whether you do things fast and efficiently or you do things with a stable pace after thorough thinking, whether you are outgoing and pleasant or you are calm and mature, they just don't care. What they care is that if you menstruate every month, if you have those days that you cannot concentrate on your work and study, if you are going to be someone's bride and give birth and take care of babies.

    They just don't care who you are.

    As for those who call women like Rolling "TERF", some of them want to despise Rowling by despising Harry Potter, they say "I can write such books while sleeping"; on the other hand, those who enjoyed Harry Potter but dislike her comments on transgender women started to distance her works from her.

    But her name has already been distanced from her works decades ago. How many of you can think of her first name "Joanne" without Googling? Even I cannot.

    Because "Joanne" is a name that relates to "a person who menstruate", the publishing company wanted her to use initials "J.K" instead of "Joanne", then the book really sold well.

    When I first saw this news, I was little. Surprised at first, why would a female name affect the sales of a book? Then I felt angry, just like now: she cannot have her name connected to her book just because she is "a person who menstruate"?

    It might not fit her image as an author of children's book that she cannot fully support a certain community of people, but how evil is it that you want to deprive her name, once again?

    Then I thought of the uncomfortable feelings when watching a TV show, the main characters went to a lady in a wheelchair as soon as they needed help. Why did they do that? Why did she need to "stand up" for them when she might need more help in her own situation?

    She did offer help, and this accomplished the story. But what if she couldn't help, or she might not be that willing to help?

    In a normal society, maybe it's time stop applying moral standards only to women and expect women to support others and go against their own interests.

    That's all I can say for today.

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